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Wch Ch350l Pci Parallel Card Driver 11

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Wch Ch350l Pci Parallel Card Driver 11

i'm having an issue with my old compaq presario 2164bct. i bought it about 1-2 months ago to help my mom who was having problems getting her wireless to work on her computer. so far i have: 1. installed windows xp professional (sp2) 2. installed realtek chipset drivers 3. installed the realtek nic driver 4. installed the realtek wireless lan driver 5. put the card into promiscuous mode (a -hex- in the driver) 6. tried to un-install the realtek nic driver and the realtek wireless lan driver in device manager 7. tried to reinstall the realtek nic driver and the realtek wireless lan driver 8. re-installed windows xp professional (sp2) 9. none of the above solutions have fixed the problem. i can't seem to find any solutions on the web and the drivers that were supplied with the machine don't work. i have a wireless card in my mother's computer and it works flawlessly. the computer is set up as a wireless network with a secure key. it is a compaq presario 2164bct from 2002. i don't know if the model number is in the computer but it is a 233mhz processor with 64mb of ram. i have been using the computer for about a month with no problems. i think the problem must be in the hardware or the drivers. any help would be great. my printer was working fine a couple of days ago, i went to print a document and after it was done i went to print another document and nothing would print on it. when i put the paper in the printer it would come out blank but when i turned it off and on again it would print fine. the last print job i sent to the printer was one of my essays from class and i didn't notice that the paper i put in was highlighted. i think that is why it wouldn't print. i don't know how to check for a highlighted page and not be able to print it. 3d9ccd7d82


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