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Bin Roye Pakistani 4 Download Full Movie

Bin Roye Pakistani 4 Download Full Movie

Bin Roye is a 2015 Pakistani romantic drama film directed by Momina Duraid and Shahzad Kashmiri. The film is based on the novel Bin Roye Ansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq and stars Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Armeena Khan, Zeba Bakhtiar, Javed Sheikh and others. The film was released worldwide on 18 July 2015, the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, and received positive reviews from critics and audiences. Bin Roye was later adapted into a television series with the same name, that premiered on Hum TV on 2 October 2016.


The film tells the story of Saba (Mahira Khan), a young woman who is hopelessly in love with her cousin Irtaza (Humayun Saeed), but he treats her like his best friend, not a love interest. Irtaza then leaves for the US for two years, where he meets Saman (Armeena Khan), Saba's elder sister who was given to her uncle and aunt as a child. Irtaza and Saman fall in love and get married, leaving Saba heartbroken. Later, tragedy strikes when Saman dies in a car accident, leaving behind Irtaza and their son Maaz. Saba's grandmother suggests that she should marry Irtaza to take care of Maaz, but Saba refuses and agrees to marry someone else. However, on her wedding day, Irtaza finds out that Saba's groom is already married and has a son. He stops the wedding and confesses his love for Saba, who finally accepts him.

If you are looking for a way to download Bin Roye Pakistani 4 full movie, you can use the following links:

  • [Bin Roye (2015) - IMDb]: This link will take you to the IMDb page of the film, where you can find more information about the cast, crew, trivia, awards, and user reviews. You can also watch the trailer of the film and see some photos from the movie. To download the film, you can click on the "Watch options" button and choose from various streaming platforms that offer the film.

  • [BIN ROYE Official Theatrical Trailer Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed]: This link will take you to the YouTube video of the official theatrical trailer of the film, which was released by Hum Films on 13 June 2015. The trailer has over 3 million views and shows some glimpses of the romantic scenes and songs from the film. To download the video, you can use any online video downloader tool that supports YouTube.

  • [Bin Roye - Wikipedia]: This link will take you to the Wikipedia page of the film, where you can find more details about the plot, production, release, reception, soundtrack, and television adaptation of the film. You can also see the poster of the film and some references to other sources. To download the page, you can use any web page downloader tool that supports Wikipedia.

We hope you enjoy watching Bin Roye Pakistani 4 full movie and appreciate the work of the talented actors and filmmakers who made this film possible.


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