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How to Download and Install PinkCore for Android Devices

Once opened, follow each step in BMBF exactly as you're told to mod your game. Once completed, you should see QuestBoardopen in new window with BeastSaberopen in new window loaded inside of the BMBF app. This is where you can download any custom songs available. You can also click the BeatSaver button to download songs too.

pinkcore download

Download apk:

Scroll down by clicking and dragging the pointer. You can now select any mod from the list, seen below, and download it by hitting the download button next to it. Some downloads may redirect you to a website or GitHub page. If so, follow the instructions onscreen, or select the latest .qmod in the Releases list, respectively.

Most maps in the "Top All", "Rating", "Downloads" or "Plays" sort filters were created before good mapping practices were established. Try downloading songs released between late 2019 and now to get the best custom levels experience.

An easy way to download different kinds of songs is to use SyncSaber, which you can access by going into BMBF on your Quest and clicking the tab called SyncSaber. Here, you can download songs with a click of a button by choosing from different "settings". For example, you can download the top 20 songs in BeatSaver'sopen in new window "hot" section or the 50 hardest ranked songs.

You can also download playlists in the same way. You can find various playlists on BeastSaberopen in new window or various community discords. You can also make your own using BMBF Manageropen in new window.

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This is most likely due to having an outdated BMBF App, grab the latest BMBF Release by downloading it from SideQuest. If the BMBF version for your Beat Saber is not there then please wait a while for the unicorns to update BMBF.

Modding Beat Saber on Steam is much easier, and you also get access to more content because PC mods are more varied. The mods also make the game easier to navigate, mainly if you downloaded custom songs. That way, skimming through hundreds or thousands of songs is unnecessary.


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