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Nudista Font Family Rapidshare

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Nudista Font Family Rapidshare

the font family was designed by the designer dinarice ionita. in 1992, the font family was first created for free use for personal and commercial projects. the font is available for windows, mac, linux, solaris and unix operating systems.

the font is intended for legibility on screens that do not have a fully supports color. this is a medium text regular with a lovely handwriting and bright, legible colors. the font, as in all the others, comes in a standard version and no specialty version.

the font family is designed by michael e. fontana. it consists of the letters of the latin and the greek alphabets, that is lowercase and uppercase, and the numerals. there are several weights and widths to choose from.

the font is designed by roger blackley, originally designed as a handwriting font. it is a complete alphabet in a regular shape, with lots of old style and rounded edges. this font is ideal for websites, logos and products.

arial is arguably the most popular font on windows and mobile devices. it took the industry by storm with its striking serif font. as a sans serif font, it has a real sense of order and uniformity with its consistent stroke weight. however, with the smaller screen sizes on mobile and ipads, the fonts weight is larger than you might expect. also, its quirks include a large x-height and heavy ascenders.

verdana is a clean sans serif font, with relatively low stroke weight, and thin horizontal bars. as weve seen with the serif and sans serif fonts, it comes in two weights, and have a range of different versions, like black, regular and italics. it was originally designed in the 1990s to compete with helvetica. 3d9ccd7d82


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