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Egor Gordeev
Egor Gordeev

Alles über Ihr Fahrzeug: Golf 8 Bedienungsanleitung Download und mehr

Mileseey is a professional manufacturer and brand owner of laser measuring instruments, golf rangefinders, night vision and thermal imaging cameras. We have focused on the field of laser measurement and control for thirteen years. Up to now, Mileseey has obtained 129 intellectual property applications such as invention patents and utility model patents.

When purchasing a new Mileseey rangefinder, it is recommended that customers refer to the manual to try out the buttons and basic functions. Just try it a few times, you will find it easy to use and enjoy it. You can find the manual in the package or download it from our website.

golf 8 bedienungsanleitung download

Download File:

we continue to update the valuable information to support customers, just click our brand ico"MILESEEY" and go to the home page, under the menu of "Support" there is download service for instruction manual, in the video page, there are rich videos to display the function or operation of our products, and in the blog page, we will update the latest technology solution, share the feeling, experience and skills from our consumers in difference application and scenes.

2. The SELECT COURSE screen is displayed. Click the red SCORECARD button to see a scorecard of the currently-selected course; click DOWNLOAD if the currently-selected course has not yet been downloaded. When you have chosen a course, click NEXT. is a companion site for E6 CONNECT. This is where you create your Player Profile, manage your accounts and store/view your in-game shot/performance data. It also is the hub for the E6 CONNECT community and provides information, feeds and social media sharing.

California Civil Code Section 1798.83 permits California residents to request from companies conducting business in California a list of third parties to which the company may have disclosed personally identifiable information for direct marketing purposes. TruGolf, Inc. does not share your personal information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes; however, if you believe TruGolf, Inc. may have shared such information, please feel free to contact TruGolf, Inc. at or contact us at the physical address noted below. TruGolf, Inc., will promptly respond to any requests in accordance with applicable law.

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Pressing "M" button that is units switching button and hold it for approximately 3 seconds.The data displayed at the top will disappear, leaving only a straight line distance on the LCD, which is designed for golf games. If you want to turn on the slope mode, just press the "M" button again for 3 seconds.


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