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Buy Fur Jackets Online BEST

We are reposting this blog as we still get so many questions about what is important to know when you purchase your first fur coat. This advice holds for online fur purchases as well as in person fur purchases.

buy fur jackets online

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Be sure to do your research. Start by visiting the furriers website to make sure that the furrier is reputable. Pologeorgis Furs has an extensive website showing styles in all types of furs. The website will you the price range for each type of fur and you can decide on a budget. Fur Styles such full length mink coats, mink vests, mink jackets and mink shrugs are good options.. How do you judge a reputable furrier? Pologeorgis has been in business for over 60 years and has worked with the best designers in the world. The site will show all types of furs, mink, fox, beaver, Russian sable, swakara lamb as well as shearling, There are also many fur manufacturing techniques to choose from. From sheared furs to reversible furs to fur lined garments. An experienced furrier can answer any questions you have and help you decide which type of fur best suits your budget and lifestyle. A reputable furrier like Pologeorgis Furs will also carry a wide array of furs, fur colors, fur shapes, and fur styles. Pologeorgis stands behind the authenticity and quality of the fur garments they make and sell. Established in 1960 by Stanley Pologeorgis who was a pioneer in the fur industry, Pologeorgis Furs is world renowned for unparalleled quality furs and fur craftsmanship. Pologeorgis Furs is now under the stewardship of his son Nick and daughter Joan and the tradition of excellence continues. Pologeorgis is a family owned and operated company, Each fur garment sold by the brand carries the Pologeorgis label. The Pologeorgis family is personally invested in making sure that the fur used is of the highest quality. Pologeorgis is open by appointment in New York City Pologeorgis 143 West 29th Street NYC NY 10001 212 563 2250

Pologeorgis designs and manufactures fur coats in New York City. Pologeorgis offers mink coats, mink jackets, mink vests as well as a full line of ready to wear coats, fox jackets and fox vests. Pologeorgis offers a huge selection of fur hats, mink hats, mink scarves as well as fur slippers. Pologeorgis is the best furrier for custom one of a kind fur coats and fur jackets. Pologeorgis always has an experienced furrier and knowledgeable fur designer on hand to guide you through the process. Pologeorgis offers fur cleanings, shearling coat cleanings, fur coat remodel, fur repair and cold fur storage services right on premises.

Mink: Mink is the most popular of all the furs, Pologeorgis uses only the best quality mink pelts. The best mink fur has the following characteristics, real mink is lightweight with a dense soft underfur. Mink can be worked horizontally or vertically and it is available in natural and dyed colors. Mink is a very warm fur and durable. Natural mink are Ranch Mink, Mahogany mink, Pastel mink, Lunaraine mink, Blue Iris mink, Sapphire mink. Popular mink styles include mink bomber jackets, mink vests, mink coats with hoods, mink hoodies, and mink shrugs. Natural mink is a versatile and can be remade into new styles

Rabbit: Rabbit is often dyed in a variety of fun and beautiful colors. Rabbit is a warm fur and particularly soft. Rabbit pieces can be worked in different ways with knitting and shearing. Rex Rabbit coats are denser and warmer. Sheared rabbit is used for vests and jackets. Rabbit is generally priced well.

Sable: Russian sable is highly coveted for its warmth, lightness and silky feel. Sable is the most expensive fur. Natural Sable is the most luxurious of furs, Natural Sable is available in deep brown tones lighter brown shades and golden brown. Pologeorgis has a largest selection of sable coats, sable jackets as well as sable vests. Pologeorgis can custom make Russian Sable coats

Chinchilla: The softest and most delicate fur. Pologeorgis offers chinchilla shrugs and chinchilla jackets. The natural chinchilla fur shades are black, grey, and white. Chinchilla can be dyed an assortment of vivid colors.

Make sure that you have a trusted and experienced fur salesperson who came help you select the perfect fur garment, There are so many style options for fur and luxury outerwear. Are you looking for a dressy coat? Perhaps mink or sable are something for you to consider. Do you want an everyday fur? Consider a fur lined parka or fur lined jacket for errands around town. Shearlings are a good option for many situations and can be worn with dresses or jeans. Pologeorgis is well known as the go to salon for shearlings and Pologeorgis has a huge selection of well priced shearling jackets, shearling coats and shearling vests online as well as the location in Greenwich, CT. Pologeorgis 25 Lewis Street. Hooded mink coats and hooded mink jackets are great sporty styles for cold winters in the suburbs and city,

Your shopping experience at Day Furs will be unmatchable because of our knowledge of furs, shearlings, leathers, outerwear, accessories and our exemplary service. We make shopping the delightful experience it should be, in person at one of our stores or special events or online at

The best way to participate in this trend is by buying vintage! Check out your local vintage stores and browse through the lingerie section to find beautiful sheer robes (I personally am growing a little collection). If you prefer shopping online, Etsy is also a great place to find vintage treasures.

We began our web site in 1994 and have been selling on line for the past 5 years. We have been buying furs online for the last 2 years. We have a new online shop with many amazing fur I advice you to take a look.

Fur materials are durable. If you are in possession of an old fur coat and want to keep it for sentimental reasons, you can also keep it and just let your creativity flow and design it into something else or upcycle it. You can for example make it into a new bag, a new top, or even an earmuff. There are a lot of video tutorials online where you can simply follow the instructions on how to make them. Another thing you can do is make a decoration or functional home piece such as a seat pad or cover or even as a throw pillowcase. If you have decided to keep your fur coat find more info on our article on how to clean and store a fur coat ?

Add some color to your coat closet with bright new styles, puffer jackets, anoraks, packables, even vests. Save on ways to stay chic in the chill, because the temperature may be low, but so are our prices!

Shop online: Fur coats and jackets are turning up all over the seemingly endless online market. One search for fur coats on eBay brings 270,000+ results. With a little luck and a lot of patience there are some hidden gems to be found, but be sure to do your research. Buy Online Pick up in Store: Look for websites that have the option to (BOPIS) so you get the best of both.

The leather jacket is a trend that isn't going away anytime soon. A versatile and practical item, it can be worn all year round and comes in numerous styles, colours, and variations such as the PU leather jacket. PU comes from its composition-Polyurethane. Polyurethane leather is also referred to as faux leather and is made from plastic as opposed to animal skin. It has the same general look and feel of the genuine leather though it tends to be lighter. From snake-skin, quilted, belted, padded to biker PU jackets for women we got you covered. Add some edge to your outfit.

Polyurethane leather is regarded as vegan leather as animals are not involved in its production. The fashion world is evolving to concentrate its efforts on sustainability, and a peep on the runways will reveal an upsurge of PU jackets. Faux leather is more eco-friendly, unlike genuine leather during production. An absolute no brainer when it comes to matching with any outfit, the PU leather jackets will transform an outfit to give off a street-style vibe, chic elegance and even boho-chic style effortlessly. Grab our oversized PU leather jacket and pair it with belted pants, and a floral blouse or a fitted unit matched with a crop top and skinny jeans.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, don't be left behind by this PU jacket trend. Grab one off the NA-KD online collection and enjoy guaranteed free express delivery right to your doorstep. Our wide selection includes women PU jackets to match your style and comfort. As the cold season approaches, it is a great item to add to the layers to keep you warm and stylish. To keep you updated on our ever-growing catalogue, sign in to our newsletter to receive the latest offers and discounts. Hop onto our IG, flaunt your fit for a chance to win a free outfit.

Many of us love the feel, look and adaptability of a leather jacket. They can be easily dressed up for a night out, paired with jeans and boots and even worn as smart casual wear. The brilliant thing nowadays is that you can get many different faux leather jackets that look and feel as high-quality as the real thing. Here at NA-KD we have a wonderful variety just for you.

Our products are produced with only the finest real fur from responsible sources that meet the highest standards of sustainability. Since fur is a natural product, the color, fit, and length can vary slightly. Our online selection and prices are different from our "in store" selection and may vary depending on market fluctuation and availability.

Mink coats represent the masterpiece of the collection; it is a classic in the common knowledge of women's furs. Thanks to the high experience and quality of Paolo Moretti's products, the mink coat's collection continues to amaze women's by revealing their natural glamourises, and can combine with woman's dresses at any time of the day. Shearling coats and sheepskin jackets for men and women are now the new trendy garments and the collection offers models, such as aviator or biker, contemporary in the lines and, thanks to the combination of first choice materials these garments stands out as luxury and stylish outwears. 041b061a72


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